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Refine Receipes

Call & Collect

Our food will be prepared and cooked as its traditionally done in Thailand.


We are aware that in certain dishes, the level of spice (heat) or the balance of flavours might not suit everybody's palate.


So, for the first 3 Months of trading , We will have a "Feedback Competition") - to gather feedback from you and to tweak our recipes to suit our customers' tastes, without compromising the authentic flavours of home-style Thai cooking.

"Remember, if you don't like your dish the first time - tell us, so we can get it right the second time." 


"Feedback Competition"Those who have sent us feedback by email or social media have automatically been entered in our competition at the end of this month. The winner will be informed and anounced on our Facebook page.


The Prize: Set Meal "Go Bangkok" for two (for yourself or loved one). Good Luck!


During the first 6 months another goal is to encourage the call and collect option.For this,a 10% Discount on the total food bill, will be offerd  to all customers, Who: 


"Give us a Call, Place an Order, and come Collect."


Thank you.



" Keep Checking... "

      " More Goals to Follow! "