Go Thai (GT) News 

Dear Customers,

'Taster Menu' :This new section of our Menu - is finally here, go to our Menu to see!

* Our Chefs passion for good food and creativity has been unleashed. This section will be for them and those who have exhausted our menu or like trying out new dishes. They will create their own dishes and recipes plus try Authentic ones from other Cuisines over a period of time

'Kids Menu' : Another section of our Menu - has also been added!

* This section caters for Children, providing dishes which we think they will like and get them involved in the ordering process when their parents order from us.

* Hope you try some and find the new addition interesting plus exciting!

 ( photos are courtesy of our Staff and Chefs)


Please feel free, to call or send us an email if you have any enquiries. Thank you, keep safe and see you soon!